I create things…

most of the time they aren't problems.

My name is Lance Cooper I’ve been working in video and film for almost 20 years as an award winning director, editor, and producer.

I’ve worked as a creative director, producing TV graphics seen daily in millions of homes across North America. I’ve built and managed creative teams from the ground up, and won many awards including a Mississippi Emerging Filmmaker grant, several Best Director awards at short film festivals, and numerous Addy Awards. I was also selected to attend the Future of Storytelling Conference in New York.

As a video producer, I have a unique skill set as I’ve worked in branding/marketing, as Director of Customer Experience, and along beside software development teams and UX designers. This experience gives me great insight into the “why” behind your story. I believe in helping companies apply design-centered thinking to the narratives they tell and the interactions they create with their customers. By using this approach, I’ve helped companies strengthen their brand and build customer advocates through shared stories. I have years of experience working with corporate media companies like FOX, NBC, Sirius XM, The Weather Network and others.

My passion is traveling the crossroads of story, branding, media, technology and culture.

Lance Cooper
Lance Cooper

lance@storyboardcreative.com 256.417.7210