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Storyboard Creative is a collaborative team that loves working where stories, media, and technology intersect.

Exceptional storytellers impact humanity in ways no one else can. Great narratives take hold of a culture and strengthen or redirect it. Stories seep deep inside an individual and become part of them– changing their persona, then changing those around them.

Just a few years ago, brands heavily relied on advertising to communicate with their customers. Today, companies and their audiences interact directly, and great stories help businesses build engaged communities around their products. Successful companies are ones that tell amazing stories.

We help companies discover and share their own stories through branded content. After all, a great brand is more than a logo and a slogan. Your brand tells the the story of “why” you are a business and “how” you interact with your customers.


Who We Are


Lance Cooper


Lance Cooper has been working in video and film for almost 20 years. He was awarded a Mississippi Emerging Filmmaker Grant, won best director in Birmingham's Sidewalk Scramble Film Festival, and selected to attend The 2013 Future of Storytelling Conference in New York. By day, he manages a broadcast design team that creates TV graphics seen daily by millions of people across the country. His passion is traveling the crossroads of story, branding, media, technology and culture.


David Sikes


David's passion is crafting stories through every part of video production. He believes in the timeless power of story to inspire people, shape ideas, and build brands. He hopes to never stop growing as a storyteller. He received the Outstanding Promise in Production award from the University of Alabama, was awarded Best Cinematography from Campus MovieFest at Alabama, and makes a mean cup of coffee.


Rob Clark


Rob is a graphic designer and web developer with a passion for building strong brand identities that can be consistently experienced across a variety of different platforms, whether it be a mobile application or billboard. Working by day as a user experience designer and by night as a responsive web developer, he has years of experience designing and developing across a variety of both physical and digital media.

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